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   Kentucky  Quilt Trail

Rowan County Kentucky Foothills Quilt Trail


  "Clay's Choice"

    Quilt Square #2

Location: US60 West across from entrance to Lakeview Heights

Directions: From signal light at junction of US60 W and Rt. 519 in Morehead, go west about 5 miles. Front entrance uphill to Lakeview Heights is on right, and barn is on the farm at left just past the house. Map

Sponsor: Juanita Hall

Barn Owner: Juanita Hall

Painted by: Juanita Hall

Installed: October 22, 2005
By Jack Williams & Leo Williams

Notes: Barn History: historic barn - bluestone was mined from the quarry on the hill above the farm (now site of Lakeview Heights) and trolleyed down to the barn to be cut into blocks and given their final shaping before being shipped out on the railroad. Railway ran near the barn site.

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