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Rowan County Kentucky Foothills Quilt Square Driving Trails   

# 1 - US 60 Hays Crossing to Farmers KY The following quilt squares can be seen along this US 60 trail  from Hays Crossing/Haldeman, KY  to Farmers, KY. They are (in order of appearance)  #14 Florentine Diamond, #1 Maple Leaf, #19 Dresden Plate, #2 Clay's Choice, #4 Circle of Love, #3 Crossroads.  As you go up to Route 801 you can see #5 Delectable Mountain.  You can see #13 Goose in the Pond if you turn left onto Bluebank Rd. off Route 801.  

See the map below for the numbers. These numbers represent the order in which the quilt squares were installed. 

Some of these quilt squares are hard to see. You have to be vigilant. Some are right on the road and can be clearly seen from the highway.

Total Est. Time: 21 minutes     Total Est. Distance: 14.04 miles

# 2 US 60 at Route 32/Christy Creek Road, Morehead, KY