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Kentucky Quilt Trail

Rowan County Kentucky Foothills Quilt Trail





"Cappy's Fanfare"

Quilt Square #20


Location: Rt. 3319 Bluestone Rd.

Directions: From the Morehead Exits of Interstate 64, go west on Rt. 32 a short distance, then right on Rt. 3319. Barn is at the foot of the hill at the junction of Skaggs Rd. and Bluestone Rd.

Sponsors: Bill & Betty Phelps Sharp and Ross & Bonnie Phelps Sweatman

*Given in memory of the twin daughters’ mother, Capitola Phelps

Barn Owner: Danny Reynolds, Donny Reynolds, & Earl Reynolds, Jr.

Painted by: Town & Country Homemakers – Gladys McDaniel, President

Hung: Aug. 24, 2006 by Jack Williams & Duane Catron

Notes: The fan-shaped design is a composite based on three fan quilts owned by Betty Sharp. The fan blades resemble the print material her mother ”Cappy” always used in piecing quilt-tops. Blue is used as the focal point because this was Cappy’s favorite color. This quilt block is the first one in the county designed by use of stenciling, stamping, and free hand drawing. Also, every paint color found in all of the previously built quilt squares was used to create the “fabric” in this pattern

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