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Kentucky Quilt Trail

Rowan County Kentucky Foothills Quilt Trail




"Cheerful Pieced Basket"

Quilt Square #22


Location: 140 East Main Street
Directions: In downtown Morehead on the backside of the Whitaker Bank Building, high above the drive through windows.
Geocode (latitude and longitude):  38.181728  -83.435074

Sponsor: Whitaker Bank
Bank Structure Owner: Whitaker Bank

Painted by: Foothills Quilt Trail Painting Team

Hung: October 3, 2006

By Jack Williams & Grayson RECC Employees Steve Bush, Richard Easton, and Dale Littleton

Notes: Quilt block is a pattern on which the bank’s official logo is based. The bank donated for use on the quilt block two special ordered cans of paint which are the exact colors used by the bank’s headquarters for their logo design.

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