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Kentucky Quilt Trail

Rowan County Kentucky Foothills Quilt Trail



"Majestic Star"

Quilt Square #32


Location: 1925 Big Woods Road

Directions: From Morehead, west on Rt. 32 (Flemingsburg Rd.) 3.0 miles past the I-64 junction, then right 1.65 miles on Rt. 785 (Big Brushy Rd.), then left 0.2 mile on Big Woods Road.  Metal barn is at left some distance from the road.
Geocode (latitude and longitude): 38.256939  -83.490513

Sponsor: Susan Hyatt

Barn Owner: Dr. Gerald DeMos

Painted by: Foothills Quilt Trail Painting Team
Installed: June 29, 2007 By Gerald DeMoss

Notes: The quilt square is freestanding but it was placed directly in front of a metal barn. Dr. DeMoss was very pleased to hear that he was receiving a quilt block as a gift from his fiancee. Together, they chose the pattern and the colors especially for this site. When he realized the quilt block was being painted, he set to work completely by himself to dig the holes, sink the posts and build the frame in order to be ready for his gift.

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